Friday, April 25, 2014


This day of leisure has afforded us access to western luxuries as the capital of Namibia has almost everything one needs in terms of amenities. Windhoek is set among the hills and has broad boulevards that cross the town. These roads, like many in African capitals, bear the names of their heroes. If your name is equated with the independence struggle, there is a street bearing your name. It matters not whether you have fallen into disrepute.

The affluence of the city is apparent with the well-appointed suburban communities such as the one where we have made our camp. It is within walking distance of malls that resemble what westerners are accustomed to at home.

Another reminder of the wealth here is the presence of sporting facilities. As I cycled into the city to run errands, there was a complex that offered many activities that I associate with my native land, Canada.

And, of course, what German city would be without a good brew. We celebrated at Joe's beer house with several pints of the local draught. 

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  1. Cam, I have been totally slack at not following your journey lately. Just catching up on some of your great posts. I had no idea Windhoek would be such a modern place. Sorry but have you done EFI? You are almost to Cape Town - what day do you expect to arrive there? Time to backtrack and read further posts. Don & Carolyn