Monday, April 14, 2014

Long, Straight Road and farewell to Mosquitoes

We entered Botswana at the river ferry crossing. It was casual. A long queue of trucks were waiting on both sides of the watercourse, anticipating the opportunity to ford the Zambezi and carry on. Eventually, we were granted approval to pass to the Botswana side. The official dome were lax about our entry as they asked us what our duration was and stamped our passports and sent us on our way. Once in camp, we knew we were among the elephants by the dung around the famous baobab trees.

The road or roads here extend forever and one can see the horizon unfold. The riding is easy as the highway is paved but it is flat and tedious. The sky offers variety from the relentless terrain.

As we proceed westbound to the Namibian desert, the risk of malaria tapers off. As you can see, it is almost time to consume the last few malaria prophylaxis tablets and get on with the last section of African terrain. Here we go en route to Cape Town. The blue band is a mozzie repellent and the currency is the pula of Botswana. 

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