Friday, April 4, 2014

Luangwa Bridge

After three long days of cycling approximately 500 kilometres, we camped by the Luangwa river which flows between Zambja and Mozambique. The day we crossed the bridge to the campsite was a scorcher. The racers beat the heat and yet felt it. To arrive at a site with cool water, whether it be a shower or pool, is a blessing. This one was a treat.

The campsite is owned and operated by a Dutch-born South African and his British partner. The Englishwoman whined incessantly about the Africans and her negative perceptions of Zambia. Her kvetching raises the question: why would anyone choose to live in a place that she or he experiences as miserable? It must be a profitable business to endure such misery. 

We welcomed back one of our cyclists who had flown out to check on a medical condition. Along with my fellow Torontonian, Catharine, and Ian, a British veterinarian, we celebrated at this riverside paradise. Life is indeed good. 

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