Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Livingstone Luxury

The tour has come to the tourist mecca of Victoria Falls on the Zambezi river which flows between Zambia and Zimbabwe. Safari opportunities abound on either side of the border as the finely honed industry caters to foreigners of varying budgets. Given that the tour has wended its way down to this popular destination through some impoverished areas, the community of Livingstone presents as an outpost of commercial development. The place where some of us are calling home is a quaint retreat called Prana set in the bush about five kilometres from the city of Livingstone.

Thanks to one of our friends who cycled with Bike Zambia last summer in support of local charities, there are nine of us staying at this wonderful sanctuary, removed from the hustle of central Livingstone. We are housed in comfortable tents with en suite bathrooms and cozy beds. After months of tenting in our modest, grotty accommodations, this is a taste of luxury. For example, our cook, Edson, and our hosts served up a full-on braii (Afrikaans for barbecue) that was exceptional. Thanks Eddie.

The tents in which we are recovering are refuge from the relentless grind of camping on the roadside or in locations where the ants, mosquitoes and spiders threaten to invade your tent. The image below tells a story. Draw your own conclusions. 

Lastly, the craftwork on offer can be inspiring and overwhelming. My minimalist leanings prevent me from indulging in most markets. However, I could not resist the temptation to buy salad servers. These hardwood tongs should survive the journey and represent the craftsman's skill.

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