Saturday, April 5, 2014

China and India in Africa

We have been on pavement for some days now. African roads vary from the rugged to the smooth. Of the latter type, much of the engineering has been Chinese. We have passed operations, including quarries and mills, which are joint ventures between the host nation and Zhong Guo. The urban centres also have Chinese professionals who offer their services to both locals and ex-pats. Here is one of many Chinese offices I cycled by in Lusaka today.

The influence of Indian culture can be felt in the world of commerce here. When we see Africans on bikes, the product is often from Haryana where Hero bikes are built. Here is a classic.

On our approach to Livingstone, we will ride these heavy beasts to our campsite where the vehicles will be donated to local recipients. A variety of us will ride either the full day or part of a day on these Indian specials. I gave it a spin in our guest house yard this afternoon.

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