Thursday, April 17, 2014

Maun Farewells

Two cyclists are leaving the TDA 2014 to pursue other adventures. Scott, our tech-savvy engineer, hopped on a flight to Cape Town this afternoon. Within a week, he will be back in Calgary to prepare for a triathlon this summer. Helen, an Aussie water engineer, is booked to do the Jo'burg to Sea mountain bike competition and needs to arrive in advance to embark on that excursion. They have been with us since Khartoum and they will be missed. 

Scott is primarily a runner so he presumably fulfilled his cycling saturation point earlier than many of us. Now, he can focus on his training regime from the comfort of home. A lover of snacks, access to burgers, fries and Coca-Cola will be convenient now. Thanks for his faithful help in finding the web wherever we were on this odyssey.

 All the best to him in Penticton and beyond. 

Helen has been a consistently upbeat supporter of all of us. Ever willing to engage with the locals in whatever dialect she could master, Helen always seems to have heaps of energy. That pep and her positive spirit is infectious. She is at a crossroads in terms of work or study as she has decisions to make regarding an overseas job or a doctorate. We will carry her attitude with us to Cape Town and hope for a reunion there. Rock that Jo'burg to sea race.

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  1. Thanks Cam! Enjoy the rest of the trip! :D See you soon, I hope!