Friday, April 11, 2014


Every TDA participant was gifted a safari treat at the bike donation here in the Victoria Falls area. My award was a "bridge slide". This amounted to a bungee jump off the Vic Falls bridge. Undaunted by the prospect of soiling myself in the process, I redeemed my voucher for a jump in the afternoon. 

Making my way among the vendors, artistes and hustlers, I arrived at the middle of the bridge. For those of you who have not experienced the thrill of tossing oneself into the abyss, it can be terrifying.

The cheerful attendants strapped me into a harness and gave me my jumping instructions. Linked to two ropes by a carabiner (spelling?), I was told to hold onto the rope while I plummeted toward the Zambezi below. Three, Two, One...jump!

I survived this adventure. I did not buy the video for replay as I know how terrified I looked. After walking to the end of the bridge, I was nominally in another country: Zimbabwe. I returned the harness, thanked my counsellors for saving my life and cycled back to Livingstone to attend a birthday party for one of our cyclists. As it happens, there has been a spate of birthday celebrations this month. 

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  1. Good on you Cam for doing and surviving the bungee jump. Well done mate and what a spectacular spot to have done it.