Thursday, April 17, 2014


This expedition can only happen with good people supporting the riders. Ten people have enabled us to reach our current rest stop in the middle of Botswana. One of them had to leave us in Lalibela, Ethiopia in order to attend to other TDA business, including the leadership of the Silk Route, another epic ride. Our mechanic, Alex, and the race director, Gillian, are out of station so the remaining seven were the recipients of a sumptuous breakfast courtesy of the riders. Here they are. 

Left to right: Steve, Tanzanian driver, Yanez, chef, Noah, Zimbabwean driver, Justin and Bina, American logistical/communications, Hannah, British nurse and Randy, Canadian tour leader.

The catalyst for this lovely meal was David, our youngest cyclist and his riding buddy, Alessandro, our largest rider. They coordinated the purchase of the food, the collection of money and the meal preparation. They did a first-class job. It started out with a simple spread.

Sally Anne and Leah whipped up pancake batter. Maple syrup was brought in for the occasion by Robert who joined the tour with his mother Susan in Livingstone. 

The chef de mission brought us together and assigned tasks: brewing coffee, frying bacon, scrambling eggs. David is in the shade; Alessandro is in the sun. Robert, the syrup mule, is smiling on the right.

Mimosas were served. Dietie, a cook by training, contributed his expertise.

After every meal, cleanup duty is assigned to a rotating crew. Here, Michael does volunteer service at the bins.

It was an unqualified success. The effort personified the motto of Andover, David's alma mater: Non Sibi. This translates as "Not for self."

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