Monday, March 3, 2014

The Sisters of Marsabit

We finished our ride from the border post through the galgulu desert yesterday. The road, alternatively paved or under construction, covered a notoriously rough stretch of lava rock. Mercifully, the pain engendered by such corrugated surface was diminished by the road work being done. Massive culverts are carved across the road at regular intervals, necessitating portages on grit, stone and sand. At day's end, we slowly peddled around a volcano that introduces one to the market town of Marsabit. 

Our accommodation is the convent of the Diocese of Marsabit. It is off the road in an enclosed area of civility. The good sisters anticipated our arrival and had generous portions of snacks and beer for sale. Business was brisk. The nuns were pleased.

The grounds contain buildings named after saints and one can eat at the dining hall for the modest sum of 500 Kenyan shillings ($6.50). Many riders opted for shared rooms and access to a warm shower and other amenities. Those who prefer camping could pitch their dusty structures up in the common area. Of course, our bovine company use the space for grazing. If one has food in one's tent, it is fair game.


  1. Glad that you survived the rough road. The concept of staying at an Inn where the nuns serve beer is a bit ironic, but I would have been at the head of the line! Sounds like a great experience.

  2. Hi Love your photo of the happy nun.Bring her home-she looks like fun. Your experience reminded me of mine(in Spain)-buying cookies from a hole in a stone wall,cooked by a group of cloistered nuns.No words spoken,no flesh seen.Just delicious baking... Happy adventuring Cam xox