Thursday, March 13, 2014

Arusha Leisure

This city is the midpoint of our tour. While the staff use the three day layover to attend to the vehicles, banking, and myriad chores, the riders disperse to safaris. Our base is at Masai Camp in a green area at the bottom end of a valley. Having spent yesterday in motorized vehicles getting to and from Moshi, I opted to stay a few nights at L' Oasis, a comfortable spot down some dirt alleyways. This is the entry point to the hood.

Navigating it in the dark was an adventure but it was well worth the wait as the accommodations are clean, quiet and spacious. There is a shower and a flush toilet. The restaurant has libations and standard Tanzanian fare. And breakfast is a feast. 

We are in rainy season and when it does sprinkle, it is usually short-lived and light. The tropical heat and humidity is conducive to naps. And cold beverages are ubiquitous. Indeed, throughout Africa there is a theme of Coke stops. Here in Arusha, there is a bottling facility. Pepsi and Coca-Cola both do a roaring trade throughout the continent.

A few sites I visited today did not allow me to take photos. One was the International Criminal Tribunal on Rwanda and another was an edifice entitled the Prevention of Corruption Bureau. At both sites, I was approached by officious personnel warning me of the consequences of taking shots of these government facilities. 

One note on the transit reality here. Chinese bikes are used on the roads by vendors and commuters. Vans or mini-buses offer lifts for cheap. Plenty of trucks and buses cruise over the speed bumps. However, the fashionable way to get around Arusha is by motorcycle. And young men hang out at the roadside, proudly showing off their machines. I prefer a bicycle any day. 

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  1. Nice for you to have a couple of days to relax and recuperate. Thanks for sharing your adventure. I enjoy reading your posts...
    Tons of love and best wishes, Shirley xoxo