Friday, March 28, 2014

Mzuzu Musings

This town is midway between the Tanzania-Malawi border and the capital of Lilongwe. It has a robust market, a university, and an outgoing population. One can indulge in the local produce: tomatoes, avocados, ground nuts and cassava. The last item is apparently a staple. It can be seen on the roadside drying under the sun. Here, it is ready for sale. 

Yesterday, we had a rest day at Chitimba Beach, a resort area that overlooks Lake Malawi. The site of our lodging is operated by a Dutchman and a crew of local staff. Due to its location far from markets, the cost of meals tends to be rather high by Malawi standards. However, its raison d' etre is the sand, the waves and the peaceful waterfront.

On the eve of our arrival, a potluck was organized by our leader. Each person was asked to bring a food item to share with the whole group. Given the fact we could not cook, the spread was heavy on processed junk. Randy concocted a fruit punch that was laced with booze. A sloppy game of unlit night beach volleyball ensued. 

The following evening featured a pig roast. The swine was procured in the morning and cooked all day on a spit. Those who do not observe kashrut could pay for their fill of pork; the vegetarians had a delicious pasta salad. The chef and his comrades kept vigil by the fire. Check out the fellow on the right: fast asleep. In the heat of a Malawi afternoon, napping is a good use of time.

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