Sunday, March 30, 2014

Machetes and Footwear

When one cycles through Africa, one sees many folks wielding a menacing blade. Though the purpose of the "cutlass" is to crop grass or unwanted vegetation, the thought crosses one's mind that said blade could be used as a weapon. The marketplace in Lilongwe offers one an array of sharp edges. The collection here gives you an indication of the size of these implements.

Further into the commercial district, one comes to the artistes who carve and/or market the wares of their brethren. The latter specialists tend to pander to the foreign audience. 

And the there is the Canadian story of sensible footwear. May Thomas Bata and his family be proud of their drive to provide decent shoes for the unshod. Not bad for a family from the Czech Republic that aspired to make durable boots for all.

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