Monday, March 31, 2014

Lilongwe to Lusaka

We began our westbound journey to the Zambian border today. We arose to a clear sky and and a long, straight road through fields of corn, sunflowers, squash, ground nuts. As we departed Malawi, we expect that the Imcumbent government will be challenged notwithstanding the rhetoric of her excellency Dr. Joyce Banda: unity, equity, development. 

The capital has some of the trappings of western society, including some private schools (often aligned with a denomination). There is an elite who can send their children to institutes with grand facilities. By contrast, the village schools are simple brick structures with shabby classrooms. The fee-paying schools can advertise and promote themselves whereas the local public school takes whomever can fill the seats. Notice the draw of an international school.

Our next destination is another capital, Lusaka. It is apparently more advanced and the Zambian economy is more robust due to the mineral wealth. The currency here in Zambia is also the Kwacha; the greenback is worth 6 Kwacha here whereas the same US dollar was worth 400 Malawian Kwacha. 
Prices for our desired food items are noticeably higher here in Zambia. 

The coming days will be onerous in terms of distance. Fortunately, the road is paved, not too hilly and the wind may be at us backs. The board tells the story. Today was a mere 152 kilometres. The next two days will be centuries (100 miles or 160 kms.+).

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  1. Looks like some pretty long days, no doubt why we haven't seen any posts for a few days. Please keep the posts coming. I've been following on my iPhone and I'm not always able to leave comments, but I'm always interested in the progress. Be safe out there!