Sunday, March 2, 2014

Border Crossing

After a full month of cycling and camping in Ethiopia, we leave the country with a mixture of anticipation and relief. It is indeed a fascinating nation with a complex history, both ancient and recent aspects thereof. A book has been going around camp entitled Notes From the Hyena's Belly by Nega Mezlekia, an Ethiopian who sought political exile in Canada during the time of the Dirg, Haile Miriam Mengistu's regime. It has given us insight into some of the phenomena we have experienced. Suffice to say that the country has great potential and massive challenges, not the least of which is a burgeoning population in a land vulnerable to drought and ravaged by deforestation.

We bid farewell to the often gracious folks with whom we have shared fleeting moments. May the country evolve in a manner that feeds, educates and cares for all.

And may the beasts of burden be treated well too.

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