Sunday, March 2, 2014

Kenyan Security

Political clashes afflict many localities in Africa. We are in northern Kenya, having crossed the border into an area beset by tribal strife. We were assured that our campsite at the Kenyan Wildernss camp in Moyale would be secure. Indeed, the only sound we heard overnight was the call of hyenas. Speaking of which, a massive hyena was road kill yesterday and we all gawked at the corpse to identify that it was indeed a hyena. 

In Kenya, our four local staff are armed. They are called tourist police and yet they look like soldiers. Here they are beside the camp truck last night at our lava rock camp. If you look closely, you can see their AK-47s. They will accompany us to the Tanzanian border.

Our first and only transit will be a day from now as we will board a bus to circumvent an area south of Marsabit where bandits are shaking people down for anything of value. And then on to Nairobi. The desert terrain we have passed has given way to rolling landscape with acacia trees and more wildlife. The camps will be closer to population. The sunsets will be spectacular.

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