Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Night Reading

We tend to go to "bed" early on the TDA. Once you have replenished calories, you are ready for some tea, a chat and a snooze. If you are lucky, you have enough energy to read. For those of us beyond the  internet, a book in the tent brings us back to days reading after lights out. Here is the lamp device Lize gave me; it has been a pleasure to use and an object of curiosity for some riders.

And now to Lalibela on the back road: 128 kilometres on variable road surface and terrain. We pass through Adwa where the Ethiopians scored a victory against the Italians.


  1. Nice of Liz to give you that. She must have known it would be needed!

  2. Hi Cam, first chance to see your blog, WOW! GOOD ON YA MATE! After my initial pangs of jealousy I quickly realized my old carcass wouldn’t last a day there, so I quickly reverted to appreciation, for the vicarious experience. I’ll be following closely for the remainder of your odyssey. Stay well.