Thursday, January 2, 2014

Winter Classic

Inveterate fan of my hometown sports teams, I must say that it has been a long time between drinks. Right now, the Leafs and Raptors are travelling well. While it may be good for one's spirit, the prospect of a collapse can never be ruled out. While we pedal in Africa, here's looking at the local squads for some successful playoff runs. 

And speaking of competition, let us hope for a peaceful games in Sochi. While politics has long played a role in the Olympics, there is a glimmer of what is noble in the human spirit when athletes from around the globe give it their best and display sportsmanship. Our Canadian women and men will presumably do us proud. 

The Christmas tree is on the kerb, auld lang syne has been sung and it is time to try to keep our resolutions. My commitment is to enjoy every moment of the grand tour and learn as much as I can about the people and their circumstances as we roll through community after community. 

To do the TDA, each person requires huge support from kith and kin. First and foremost, I must acknowledge the loving support of my partner Cathy who has endured my obsessions and idiosyncrasies. She even claims that I "deserve" this ride. Our offspring, Michelle and Josh, have been behind me all the way. And if you are reading this, thank YOU. Without all the marvellous people who honour me with their friendship, I would not be able to do such a trip.

At the risk of being maudlin, I want to remember my parents, David and Elizabeth, who provided us with everything a child needs: love, kindness, moral guidance and honesty. My siblings Christine, Anne, Ian and Dave care for one another, especially when the chips are down. Both of my sisters are enduring hard times and I will keep both of you in my heart on the way. Likewise, with my brothers, I admire their calm, steady consistency and support.


  1. Congrats Cam! I'm so excited for you and to follow your adventure! You are so inspiring!

  2. nice time to be heading to Africa----can you believe the winter we are having! xo