Saturday, January 4, 2014

Farewell TO, Salaam Khartoum

This day has been hectic. Collect the bike from Bateman's, buy some last-minute items, clean our home, say goodbyes to loved ones. There is stress associated with the process as one's mind wanders to the horrible hypotheticals. Fortunately, friends and family put it in perspective and the worries can melt away. My pal, Peter Steen, a.k.a. Ice Wino, met Cathy and me at Bateman's to give me a Boy Scout badge for cycling. 

So here we go, from snowy Toronto to mild Istanbul courtesy of Turkish Airways. The bags are packed. Contrary to my usual practise, I am perhaps overpacked. Driven by a minimalist sensibility, my bias is to underpack. Given the length of the ride and the uncertainties, one can include items that may never be used (bike parts, formal clothing,...). One indulgence is a daily crossword. Some thoughtful person hooked me up with the NY Times hard copy crossword calendar. A little diversion to take my mind off saddle sores.

Again, I could not do this without a supportive, loving partner. Thanks Cathy. You have been amazing in enabling this excursion while taking care of the busy festive scene at home. 


  1. Wishing you all the best on this epic ride Cam! I'm looking forward to following your journey and hearing your stories.
    Sending tons of love xoxo

  2. Miss you already so thanks for the email this morning! xoxo