Friday, January 31, 2014

Bike Donation

The Tour d' Afrique has a foundation that raises money to provide bicycles for communities through which the tour passes. Today, there were 21 bikes presented to a local organization called Link Ethiopia. At a restaurant, Brian explained the purpose of the gift and the support the TDA lends towards sustainable, active transport in African societies. A variety of officials from the recipient organization spoke in Amharic, expressing their gratitude for the new wheels and the ongoing partnership. 

Two cyclists, Birgitta Hermann and Catharine Daly, presented bikes to locals. Their fund-raising was devoted to the purchase of bikes for the African people. Smiles all around. In all, 90 bicycles will be donated in five places en route to Cape Town.

Cycling is a marvellous means of transport in any society. It makes sense here due to the low cost, the relative ease of maintenance and the healthy benefits. When one cycles in towns, one can appreciate that the air quality would improve if more folks rode (or walked) rather than used the tuk-tuks or piled onto pickup trucks. 

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