Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Packing For The TDA

The reality of the tour is upon me now. In a few days, the group will assemble in Khartoum to start the expedition to Capetown. Some say that the tour has become easier due to the improvements made by the tour organizers and the pavement of more roads. Even so, the prospect of rigorous climbs, long days and some rough patches inspires a bit of trepidation in me. And yet these elements of adversity motivate me to meet the challenge.

Packing is not my forte, especially for four months of cycle touring and camping in Africa. The two trucks that support the ride contain lockers in which all of your gear, excluding your bike, go. The dimensions of the locker are 43 cm. wide by 58 cm. tall by 83 cm. deep. Featured below is a box simulating the size of the locker. To date, I have managed to get most of my gear in the duffel bag.

What I need to complete the list is to retrieve my bike box from Bateman's cycle on Bathurst. The crew there have been invaluable in reviewing the needs for the ride. They also prepared a small box for me that has extra parts, maintenance tools, tubes, etc. Cathy will drive me to the airport with the bike box, the bag and a knapsack. Et voila. More or less ready.

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