Thursday, January 30, 2014

Local Pleasures

Ethiopian cuisine is simple and tasty. The standard meal of injera and curried dishes is delightful. We have already sampled a few versions. It is clean and almost all reputable eateries do did a tap for washing. We sanitize our hands and dig in. 

The fruit juices are brilliant. One can order a combination of mango, papaya and guava in a drink that resembles a smoothie. We started our day at a bar called Sofa where they served us this concoction. It is rich and healthy. Check out the cocktail below.

Also refreshing is the presence of women who are free to socialize and interact with their partners or be on their own in a social setting. This phenomenon is in contrast to the rare sight of any women in public places in Sudan. Here is a Gondar lady enjoying a morning beverage and chat.


  1. This is the neat part of traveling to exotic locations. Forget the media stereotypes and just enjoy meeting the locals. It's great that you've had this experience, and it's just beginning! Keep us posted.

  2. Well written and rode Cam. It looks like tri-colour isn't limited to fashion and I bet it never looked so good as in those glasses! Thanks for sharing the warmth and colour while we hunker down here. xo Kim