Sunday, January 19, 2014

TDA Support

The organization of a four-month cycle tour is no mean feat. The people who feed us, guide us, and in some instances, carry us deserve gratitude for their kindness and attention to detail in a continent that can be frustrating. 

The tour leader is Randy Pielsticker, an excellent, experienced traveller with a sense of humour and a clever turn of phrase. He sets the daily agenda for the road, replete with "coke" stops and roadside attractions. Sharita is a savvy South African who scouts our route; this year she has been instrumental in adding sections due to the loss of the Egyptian leg. Our cook, Yanes , another South African, has produced consistently delicious fare. Another Capetown resident, Alex, is our mechanic and he has kept our wheels fit for cycling. 

Those who do not want or cannot ride can choose to have their bike put atop the truck. You can see Alex up there sorting out bikes and tires.

The vehicles are driven by Noah, a native of Harare Zimbabwe, and Steven, a light-hearted Tanzanian. Both assist with all meals and camp chores which include purchasing water and fuel when available. Our medic is an RN from the UK, Hannah, who has worked for the British Army. Communications to the TDA office are handled by Bina, from Pennsylvania and her husband, Justin, is a jack of all trades. Gillian records times for the racers and wards them their kudos after each stage. Each cycling day, a staff member "sweeps" to ensure that no one is left behind. Thank you to the staff for having our backs.


  1. Hey Cam----just like a tune up at Batemans Cycle shop!

  2. Glad that your trip is going well. Please continue to keep us posted.