Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Lower Main

The easy way into the city from the southern burbs is along a road that parallels the freeway artery connecting Cape Town with its outskirts. This lower main road is relatively flat and changes names several times until it becomes the strand. Unfortunately, there is no bicycle path on most of this thoroughfare. Even so, it has been a delight to see the transition from the affluent communities to the gentrified inner suburbs. A Mercedes parked up against a crumbling wall that serves as a canvas for graffiti. 

Stopping to inflate my tires and have more caffeine, I appreciated the art of Woodstock. Young talent is evident on the walls of this central hood. 

Studios are tucked away on the roadside and the murals speak for themselves.

Gang tags (perhaps) are juxtaposed with urban images. 

This is a part of the texture of the complex city which may be the cultural capital of South Africa.

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