Friday, May 9, 2014


The race portion of this adventure ended yesterday in a countryside camp near the village of Dorp Op Die Berg (village on the mountain). The winners of the female and male competition worked together throughout this expedition. They are to be congratulated on their victories and commended for their cooperative spirit from start to finish. They are Ina De Visser and David Grosshans. 

Ina has been mentioned before. Suffice to say that she is an excellent rider and a fine person who has maintained her strong, helpful attitude with grace and dignity. She rode a mountain bike while her cycling mate, Dave G (there are two other Davids with us), rode a Moots bicycle crafted to his specifications. Regardless of the terrain, the duo assisted one another in every aspect of the ride: pace, preparation and recovery.

Dave G, a German born-Australian, has led the race from Khartoum with a powerful style that combines precision, calculation and mindfulness. He is modest about his skill, quietly acknowledging that he has done his research and prepared accordingly. Dave would concede that his main rival, Dave Wolfendale, another exceptional athlete and person, is stronger in the mountains. The mutual respect between these cyclists reflects the best of sportsmanship. We salute you Dave.

To Dave and Ina, your fellow participants and the staff of the Tour D'Afrique 2014 appreciate your talent, intelligence and spirit. Thanks for being champions.

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