Monday, February 3, 2014

Rest Daze

Over the course of this journey, we rest in towns or cities that have services that are not available at our campsites. Notwithstanding the exponential growth in mobile phone towers and the net in Africa, there are many spots where our daily rituals are reduced to simple essentials: set up tent, rehydrate with soup or the truck reservoir of water, eat an evening meal and sleep under the stars with the serenade of livestock. A rest day affords us a chance to wash clothes, communicate with loved ones and attend to our bikes.

Above is my bike next to my nomadic home, an MEC wanderer tent. The morning wash is drying in the brilliant sun. Within the tent is a cot and a sleeping bag. On the bike, draped over the bottom bracket, is a nifty device called a Luminaid. My thoughtful cousin, Liz Williams, sent me this solar-powered, inflatable night light. It has worked a charm and I will send an image of it illuminated after dusk tonight.

Luxuries such as wifi and a strong cup of coffee are welcome in places such as the Yeha Hotel, our current location. This morning, I awoke to the sound of wailing prayers around 5:00 a.m. and made my way from the tent to the hotel restaurant. Properly caffeinated, this visitor came to join me.


  1. Hi Cam. Enjoyed reading your latest post just now. The simple life indeed for you and the others in many of these places you are visiting. Wow, you are almost one month into this epic ride already. Great work. Don

  2. Great looking set up Cam. So who was properly caffeinated--you or the bird---maybe both! Enjoy your rest daze Cam it looks like those hills just keep coming. xo

  3. Hi Cam
    I'm so happy that the pillow light turned out to be a useful tool.Mike and I (and famille ) are really enjoying your stories.Jack thinks you need to come out of retirement and become a journalist.Me too! Keep on truckin' Love Liz

  4. PS
    I am zapping your posts to Mum as they come through.She sends her hellos! xox