Saturday, February 8, 2014


We are novel to some Ethiopians. There are daily tales of encounters with locals, on and off the bike. They are diverse folks who seem to be, for the most part, curious to know who we are, why we are here and where we are going. The last query is often phrased, "Where are you go?" The response to this is often the next town. Villages are strewn along the road so one must guess where the next community of size is located.

Camps are selected for convenience and location on the path. Once we reach camp. There is inevitably an audience that gathers as soon as we come into camp. They stare at us as if we were museum pieces. Soon, the word gets out that we crave cold drinks. Inevitably, an enterprising villager comes with a plastic crate of Coca-Cola, Miranda (orange drink) and Pepsi. For the beer drinkers, there is St. George's or Dashen, if we are lucky. Here is an image of the gallery.

This audience remains until sunset and then disperses. We are serenaded by a motley array of donkeys, dogs, and roosters. The night sky emerges as people erect their tents and riders retire early or,  if they have energy to burn, they linger around the coffe or tea urn and chat until sleep beckons them. 


  1. Hi Cam, thanks for the email. Last weekend we were at a friends cottage near Coe Hill (apsley), we rode a Fat Bike on a course on the lake. It had studded tires that are 4 inches or 102 mm. The traction was unbelievable on sheer ice! Sounds like you could have used a set, minus the studs, on your sandy stretches. Hoping the road is smooth and the wind at your back. Ciao.

  2. HI Cam. Love the light of the photo of your gallery. Those ubiquitous stone walls are amazing as well. xo